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Air Conditioning

Your air conditioning system in your San Rafael home plays an integral role in keeping you comfortable. Without a properly working air conditioning system, you will be left in heat and humidity, which can be intense over the summer here in California. Instead of risking feeling uncomfortable in your own home, turn to Enviro Heating & Air Conditioning for the cooling services you need to ensure your system is in top shape.

Whether you’re in need of replacement, installation, repairs, or maintenance, our experts can help with it all. We are committed to providing you with the solutions you need to achieve ideal indoor home comfort during any day of the year.

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Air Ducts

When you need expert air duct installation, replacement, or repairs in San Rafael, CA, look no further than our Enviro Heating & Air Conditioning professionals. Our team is keen on details and providing exceptional service every time.

Enhance your indoor air quality (IAQ) and improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system with properly installed and maintained ductwork.

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Commercial Services

Looking to have a brand new heating and cooling system installed at your commercial business in San Rafael, CA? Enviro Heating & Air Conditioning has years of expertise and knowledge in providing a wide array of commercial services. Let our experts answer any questions you may have and help by installing a new system in your building and improving the indoor air quality (IAQ), allowing for better focus and increasing productivity as a result.

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Ductless Systems

With Enviro Heating & Air Conditioning offering the best ductless system services in San Rafael, CA, you always get the proper heating and cooling you need for your home. Whether it’s installation for a brand new construction home you are looking for or it’s time to add an extra system in your current San Rafael home to ensure adequate heating and cooling, our professionals are the best team for the job.

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Leave all of your furnace needs for your San Rafael, CA, home to our Enviro Heating & Air Conditioning professionals. We can provide a new furnace for your newly purchased home or replace your outdated furnace.

Is your furnace fairly new but making a strange sound or not heating properly? Our experts will take a look and provide the repair you need to have it working properly again.

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Geothermal Heat Pumps

Ready for an upgrade to the current heating and cooling system in your San Rafael, CA, home? Opt for a geothermal system and have our Enviro Heating & Air Conditioning experts provide proper installation for you. We strive to provide the highest quality services all the way from installing your system to offering repair and routine maintenance services.

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Heat Pumps

For top-quality heat pump installation in San Rafael, CA, Enviro Heating & Air Conditioning has a team of professionals you can always trust. We are highly skilled and trained in all heat pump services so whether you need a replacement, repair, or maintenance, look no further.

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Indoor Air Quality

Looking for ways to improve the indoor air quality (IAQ) in your San Rafael, CA, home? Enviro Heating & Air Conditioning has a number of different products and systems to help clean the air in your home.

Instead of breathing in contaminants all day long, breathe in fresh air to live healthier and focus better.

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Looking for a trusted heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) company in San Rafael, CA, to perform routine preventative maintenance? Enviro Heating & Air Conditioning is here to provide you with phenomenal maintenance service each and every time you opt for it.

You can make it easier on yourself by scheduling your maintenance visits early. Enjoy having your system maintained each year to keep your system operating smoothly throughout the year.

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Zone Control Systems

Imagine your San Rafael home being more energy efficient than ever before, resulting in significant savings on your heating and cooling costs. Adding a zone control system to your home could make this a reality, and Enviro Heating & Air Conditioning wants to help.

Our experts will evaluate your home and go over the different options that will work for the needs and specifications of your home. We will provide the installation, and you will be left to experience optimal comfort inside your San Rafael, CA, home.

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“We had a wonderful experience working with Enviro Heating and Air to replace two gas furnaces and duct work in our home. Chris was fantastic at promptly and completely answering our many questions and requests for cost estimates for different alternatives. Joey and Gus did the installation work. They were both professional, polite and respectful. They were careful to not damage plants as they removed the old duct work and brought in the new ducts that needed to be installed in the crawl space under the house. They were timely and worked really hard, especially as there is not much clearance in some areas of the crawl space. Mike from Enviro came on the day of the city inspection. He arrived early and stayed until the inspection was completed. We highly recommend Enviro Heating and Air for their exceptional service.”
- Michel & Josette K.
“Andrew did a fabulous job on time, and went the extra mile to get our AC unit to blow colder. He did a full inpsection/service timely, and we are very happy. Thanks.” – Jeff D.
'- Jeff D.
“It started with a thorough and instructive discussion of our options with Enviro's owner. Then, on installation day, a 2-man team arrived at our rental property duplex. They were efficient, highly professional, and very easy to work with. They made every effort to meet our special requests and schedule. In fact, we feel this team absolutely distinguished itself. They installed a new furnace with aircon in one (empty) unit and in a second unit, added aircon to an existing furnace while minimizing the installation impact on the tenant. There wasn't a moment wasted while attending to every detail and creating a functional as well as attractive installation. We strongly recommend Enviro.” – Bob P.
'- Bob P.
“Just before Christmas, one of our two aging (27 years old) furnaces died. In anticipation, two years ago, I had solicited proposals to replace the two 5-tons furnaces and A/C units. All three proposals were similar in design, replacing the two 5-tons with two new, 80% efficient furnaces and A/C, with upgrades to many of the 28 ducts connected. I was not happy with the concept. I wanted to raise the efficiency of the furnaces to the high 90%. I was told that the price would be almost twice as much. After the death of one of the furnaces last December, I noticed that the house was comfortable with only one furnace. Only 2 or 3 rooms dipped to just below 60 degrees in the early morning. I investigated replacing both furnaces with only one high efficiently one, capable of handling multiple zones. Engineering calculations suggested that the 5700 Sqf. house needed between 7 and 8 tons, implying I would be taking risk. I reviewed three new proposals, one was outrageous, one was for the same price as the previous year two furnaces proposal. I was ready to go. When walking my dog one evening, I chatted with a neighbor who is a contractor. He suggested I called Chris at Enviro. Chris responded to my call when I got home after my walk and came to the house the following day. After a thorough inspection of the current installation, he pulled out his tablet and in 15 minutes issued a comprehensive proposal for a multiple zone (exact number to be determined after demo of the existing system). The 5-ton, 97% efficient Bryant Evolution, 2-stage modulating, and the 5-ton 26 SEER A/C condenser required 28 new insulated ducts (all galvanized steel) was priced slightly less that the best proposal (Carrier System, identical to the Bryant – same manufacturer). Not familiar with Enviro, I called three references, one having replaced multiple furnaces with just one. They made me believe that Chris walked on water. The installation started two months later. It took 6 ½ days. The crew of 2 to 6 (depending on the day) was friendly, competent, and ultra clean. After a little tweaking of the program of the Wi-Fi thermostat, the 3-zone system is keeping the house perfectly comfortable (according to our standard) and I already noticed a decrease in PG&E usage. It was a monstrous job. They did not even protest when I requested relocating one of the three thermostats, whose location (on an outside wall) proved to be inadequate. Chris and Enviro deserve a 6-star review for a fantastic job on an extremely complicated installation.” – Gerald D.
'- Gerald D.
“I had an air conditioner and new furnace installed along with new duct work that was relocated from the crawl space up into the attic. The new duct work required new registers to be installed in the ceiling. The crew was very efficient in performing the multitude of tasks. They were prompt in arriving each day. They took care of my property inside and out and left the area clean every day they worked. They all were a pleasure to work with.” – Pam N.
'- Pam N.