Furnace Maintenance

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Here in the Bay Area of California, we’re blessed with a warm and sunny climate. But during the wintertime, it starts to get chilly—and that’s when a furnace comes in handy.

A well-kept furnace has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. To protect your investment, remember to stay on top of maintenance. You should schedule check-ups once a year. Early fall is the ideal time because it’s right before the heat goes back on.

On top of that, remember to routinely change your furnace filter. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) found homeowners use about 15 percent less energy with a fresh filter. Plus, a clean filter will improve your indoor air quality (IAQ).

Enviro Heating & Air Conditioning is pleased to offer premier furnace maintenance to our neighbors in Rohnert Park and surrounding communities. We’re a trusted name for providing the best heating and cooling services in the Rohnert Park area.

Why Invest in Furnace Maintenance?

Most of us spend a significant amount on our heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment. Protecting that investment with planned maintenance only makes sense. Here are some other reasons to consider:

It keeps your warranty valid.

Many manufacturers have a clause in their warranty policy that requires regular maintenance.
If there ever is an issue or parts recall, you want to be sure you’re covered.

It keeps your home safe.

Poorly maintained furnaces may pose a health risk. Your HVAC specialist needs to check your heat exchanger for any signs of cracking, which can cause a carbon monoxide (CO) leak.

It lowers your utility bills.

Clean furnaces burn much more efficiently than dirty ones. With pristine filters, blowers, burners, and heat sensors, your furnace will use less energy.

It extends your furnace’s lifespan and prevents costly repairs.

Many furnace replacements are preventable if an expert spots the issue ahead of time. A simple parts replacement or minor repair is much easier to take care of than a full-fledged breakdown.

Why Enviro Heating & Air Conditioning?

Our team of highly skilled and friendly professionals has been serving the community in California for more than 30 years. Family values are at the heart of our business. We base our decisions on trust and integrity.

When you call Enviro Heating & Air Conditioning for furnace maintenance, we treat you like we’re helping out a family member. Our certified experts will perform service with the utmost care and communicate openly and honestly.

Additionally, we strive to make our service affordable and assessable to our customers in Santa Rosa and nearby areas. To enjoy worry-free comfort year-round, consider joining our CARE Member Maintenance Plan. By signing up, you receive:

  • Priority service response
  • No diagnostic fee while membership is valid
  • No overtime charges, EVER!
  • 15 percent off parts and labor on all service calls pertaining to your membership.
  • You are locked into the price of the CARE Member Maintenance Plan FOREVER!

What happens during a furnace maintenance visit?

Our HVAC specialists run through a checklist of restorative details and vital security measures that ensure your furnace is ready to keep you warm all winter.

Here are some of the tasks you can expect your professional to perform during a maintenance visit:

  • Check and adjust gas pressure at the gas valve
  • Check amp draws on all motors, including inducer and blower motors
  • Clean blower compartment and blower wheel
  • Check and validate heat exchanger for no cracks
  • Clean burners
  • Check all limit controls
  • Clean flame sensor
  • Check ducts
  • Clean or replace filters

Need a furnace specialist you can count on today? Welcome to the family.

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