Furnace Replacement

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Many homeowners will only replace their furnace when it no longer works.

This strategy seems like a money saver, but it can often turn out to be just the opposite. Your old, inefficient furnace might switch on, but it is not providing you with the comfort and cost savings your family deserves.

Older furnaces tend to break down often and cycle too frequently. They make a lot of noise and struggle to heat every room. Yes, they turn on. But are you getting your money’s worth?

At Enviro Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide sustainable residential and commercial heating and cooling solutions to keep your California home or building comfortable throughout the year. Our team has been serving Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, and the North Bay area for over 30 years.

When Should I Replace My Furnace?

A well-maintained furnace will keep your household toasty and comfortable for 15 to 20 years. At the 15-year mark, start planning for a new furnace even if your old equipment still works.

Think about the types of features you want in a new furnace and approximately how much you want to spend. Consider an ENERGY STAR® qualified furnace, which can be 15 percent more efficient than a conventional furnace.

Here are a few common replacement signs to consider:

  • Frequent repairs
  • Rising utility bills
  • Poor indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • Your heating or cooling equipment is loud
  • Some rooms are too hot or cold

Still not sure if you’re ready to replace? Give us a call for a free consultation. At Enviro Heating & Air Conditioning, we base our decisions on trust and integrity. We’re a family-owned business with deep roots in the community.

What Are Some Advantages to a New Furnace?

Start with comfort. Most people spend the vast majority of their day indoors. When you feel relaxed, you’re more alert and productive. Your HVAC system plays a significant role in your everyday comfort.

A new furnace lowers your energy bills and reduces your carbon footprint. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) estimates that heating your home makes up around 30 percent of your utility bill. It pays to pare down that cost. Opting for a high-efficiency system helps protect our environment.

Are you ready to upgrade? You can stay with a reliable single-stage furnace or move up to a two-stage furnace or even a variable-speed model. A variable speed or modulating furnace runs longer at a slower speed, providing a more even layer of comfort without needing to cycle as frequently.

Is your air conditioner (AC) ready for replacement? If your furnace has been in service for 10 years or longer, swap them out together. Even if your 10-year-old furnace has no issues, you will save plenty of money by purchasing and installing both components together.

Enjoy a little quiet time—new furnaces make much less noise. Plus, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your new equipment has a solid warranty.

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